History of DepEd Cebu City

          The modern 5-storey DECS Division of Cebu City Office building, built along newly opened Imus Avenue and within the complex of Zapatera Elementary School, is the realization of a long cherished dream of city and school officials to give the division of Cebu City its own division office building, a landmark project befitting its stature as the Queen City of the South.

         Built at a cost of P42 million, this concept of beauty and elegance to house the offices of the division personnel as well as the Public Schools District Supervisors, is the answer of that long-felt-need. It is said to be the best in the region, if not in the whole country.

         Nurtured in the minds of progressive executives like Hon. Joy Augustus Young, then Chairman of the Committee on Education of the City Council of Cebu City, and Supt. Leonilo B. Oliva and other visionary leaders, coupled with the all-out financial support of the City School Board through the ever-active and impressive Mayor Alvin B. Garcia, this imposing pinnacle of perfection was hatched and truly reflects the embodiment of the aspirants of the City and School Officials to give education priority “number one” in their legislative agenda.

Looking at this spanking building of the division office, certainly brings to mind, nostalgic scenario of the then Cebu City Office’s humble beginnings.

          When then Bureau of Public Schools made an extension of the Cebu City Division Office in Cebu City, which was housed at the third floor of the Philippine National Bank, Dr. Pedro G. Gutang, Schools Division Superintendent of Cebu, as ex-officio Supt. Of Cebu City, designated one of his Asst. Schools Division Supt., Mr. Candido Suguitan as the Officer-in-Charge of the Division.