Frontline Servicves
Application for Leaves
(Sick Leave and Personal Leave)
Application for Leaves
(Travel Abroad)
Application to Open/Operate/Renew Permit/Recognition of Private School
(Basic Education)
Approval of Program of Works and Estimates
Authentication of Documents
Contractors Billing for DepED Projects
(Private Contractors)
Issuance of Service Records
Application for Leaves
(Travel Abroad)
Processing & Updating of GSIS Membership of Personnel
Processing of Application to Take PEPT
Processing of Appointment
Processing of Cash Advance Liquidation
Processing of ERF
Processing of GSIS Loan Application
Processing of Payrolls & Vouchers for Personnel Benefits
Processing of Retirement Application
Processing of Terminal Benefits
Provident Loan Application
Request for Certification of Enrollment/Employment for ALS A & E Test Passers
Request for Certification of Lost ALS A & E Rating and Certificate/Diploma
Request for Data
Request for Demolition of School Building
Request for Relief of Accountability for Property Damaged by Fire, Theft and Flooding
Request for Salary Implementation Due to Promotion/Reclassification
Request for Salary Implementation Due to Step Increments
Request for Salary Implementation of Newly Hired Teacher/Personnel
Request Permission to Cut Trees Within the School Premises
Room Reservation
Service Record Request/Update
Technical Support
(Repair and Maintenance)
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