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Salary For Releasing on March 27, 2018

Jerome Ramirez
Jorelle Aniñon
Reuth Thessalonica de la Victori
Lenfel Arnoco
Jorabelle Beleña
Cristina Bacaricas
Estrella Celera
Shiela Poquita
Sherry Dagwayan
Donald Ray Villahermosa
Mae Catampatan
Riegiel Quijano
Sharame Labitad
Gerlie Monternel
Ma. Carmla Ordaneza
Hannebylle Nudalo
Niper Ann Melencion
Jorge Echavia Jr.
Anna May de la Cruz
Lovely Evareeba Gumonit
Evelyn Langahid
Grace Cogay
Thelma Comighud
Gladys Ann Rabago
Edelyn Larrobis
Carrie Rochelle Ligo
Chella Mie Castañares
Ruby Etang
Shedie Hara Marikit
Melody Feir Millon
Salvador Tubo
Julie Mae Clemente
Dawn Marie Donque
Dianarra Estrada
Lucena Mamac
Joanne Mae Mendez
Marichu Paraiso
January Marie Sablayan

Salary For Releasing on March 28, 2018

Sheila Mae Corpus
Bryan Jakosalem
Marivic Lopez
Janette Tago
Mariibel Ortiz
Shirley Maratas
Sheila Mae Corpus
Aiza Abuda
Maria Debbie Jane Bajao
Maricel Fernandez
Shiela May Lecciones
Magnolia Bartiana
Jamera Calbi
Julie Mae Clemente
Dawn Marie Donque
Nefriteri Felicitas
Lovely Evareeba Gumonit
Carrie Rochelle Ligo
Lucena Mamac
Joanne Mae Mendez
Lisa Taboada
January Marie Sablayan
Vangie Aban
Kathy Alce
Shane Marie Baguio
Jenilyn de los Reyes
Maria Luz Egoc
Jefrey Paquibot
Christine Shiki Susvilla
Gema Zafra
Jessel Mae Arconada
Phobie Lucero
Chella Mie Castañares
Christine Llamoso
Chimbee Dagatan
Ruby Etang
Dianarra Estrada
Maria Emily Fenandez
Agnes Aster Jamili
Evelyn Langahid
Jessica Lugod
Maria Elizabeth Manayaga
Nancy Ombajin
Marichu Paraiso
Liezl Resurrecuion
Susana Susas
Salvador Tubo
Hilda Uy
Tonchie Alesna
Ahmela Cabulao
Alefel Dungog
Mae Anne Gabisay
Ledill Gacayan
Leecil Genson
Juanita Lim
Maria Janet Tokong
Aiza Abuda
Rose Ann Alagbay
Kimberly Maine Arias
Estrellita Rodimo
Eunice Salinas
Viner Irene Suguitan
Jophine Tangaro
Carina Buhat
Maria Dahlia Espina
Marcela Gabuya
Jolyna Licayan
Analyn Sipalay
Melchora Tumale
Jenara Umacob
Japhet Candia


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Frontline Servicves
Application for Leaves
(Sick Leave and Personal Leave)
Application for Leaves
(Travel Abroad)
Application to Open/Operate/Renew Permit/Recognition of Private School
(Basic Education)
Approval of Program of Works and Estimates
Authentication of Documents 
Contractors Billing for DepED Projects
(Private Contractors)
Issuance of No Pending Case 
Application for Leaves
(Travel Abroad)
Processing & Updating of GSIS Membership of Personnel
Processing of Application to Take PEPT 
Processing of Appointment
Processing of Cash Advance Liquidation
Processing of ERF
Processing of GSIS Loan Application
Processing of Payrolls & Vouchers for Personnel Benefits
Processing of Retirement Application
Processing of Terminal Benefits
Provident Loan Application
Request for Certification of Employment 
Request for Certification of Enrollment for ALS A & E Test Passers
Request for Certification of Lost ALS A & E Rating and Certificate/Diploma
Request for Data 
Request for Demolition of School Building
Request for Relief of Accountability for Property Damaged by Fire, Theft and Flooding
Request for Salary Implementation Due to Promotion/Reclassification
Request for Salary Implementation Due to Step Increments
Request for Salary Implementation of Newly Hired Teacher/Personnel
Request Permission to Cut Trees Within the School Premises
Room Reservation
Service Record Request/Update 
Technical Support
(Repair and Maintenance)

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It is our great pleasure to provide everyone easy access to the Department of Education, Cebu City Division's database online.

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We strongly believe that with online connections, we foster better collaboration that will eventually help us improve the quality of our educational services and its results. Greatly, the Department of Education will benefit from this website project now and in the years to come.

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